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No. 123, Street ABC, District ABC, Ho Chi Minh City

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This work has been designed from the renovation of a town house Tan Dinh Ward, District 1 of Saigon. Autologous use different functions requires the implementation of many of the switch. From the change of private space converted into public space serves, space large percentage will be converted into space suitable small percentage that the skeleton framework of the house, with floor beams column system, must remain unchanged.


Project information:

Location: Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
KTS Chaired Dam Vu
Design team: Dam Vu, An Ni Le, Triet Le, Tien Dang, Velvet Lake, Dan Ho
Design: 9-2014
Completion: 3-2015


How architects approach small spaces rooted nature of the child psychology, children tend to find little space and feel comfortable, secure fit in your space. And in the overall perspective, the combination of this small space to create the gravitational innocent. Also combinations that space can be flexibly expanded converting function or shrink as needed.truong-mam-non-chuon-chuon-kim-04

With this project, Architecture O want to experience the design space in a purposeful way to renovate an old building, which is a common practice in a country that is growing fast. By converting an old space, dark and monotonous become bright, exuberant vitality in a way not done too costly on resources: people, time and investment cost of the project.

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