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Painting design

Company Limited Construction Investment and Development Đông Á over 10 years of experience in the field of painting – design. We are specialized units providing construction services, home repair services, such as home repair, waterproofing, repair utilities, refrigeration, finishing works, building the package.
Our team of experienced engineers and specialized training and a team of skilled construction Đông Á will definitely bring customers: Service house paint, paint the new house, the old house paint, paint services and services oil paint, paint rollers getting old apartment, villa paint, … the best with the best paint, and scored the most sophisticated aesthetic.



We receive all construction-related items such as paint: Paint interior, heat-resistant paint, waterproof paint, exterior decorative paint, corrosion resistant paint, and home repair services. Progression to construct every area, not shy away from providing services to clients reputable house painting, professional, reasonable cost and best quality.

To service our paint your house will definitely satisfied, with the motto: “Prestige – Quality – Professional – Competition”

Our company to construct all projects such as:

– Construction of powder paint roller blades new construction projects: private homes, condominiums, buildings, …
– Construction of rolling patching repainting old buildings
– Construction of the paint roller motels, hotels, offices, fashion shops, karaoke …
– Other Painting Services: painted iron gates, iron gates and wooden materials in the home, painting railings, stairs, columns, truss, cabinets, shelves, walls, paint fake wood, fake stone paint …

• Services of exterior paint, heat-resistant coatings, waterproofing of Đông Á:

– Ensure absolute strength of the facility as well as paint.
– The preparation and after construction to ensure cleanliness
– Specialized services, professional ensure honest about costs and construction time.
– No extra fees incurred during the construction process after the contract.
– Services up to 02-year warranty for the works that were constructed Progression.


• The process of receiving the request and construction

– Survey works meticulously and notes.
– Top quotes and estimates construction time to send customers
– Contracted construction, received an advance from 30% to 50% according to the contract value.
– Construction and commissioning work has been completed.
– Acceptance and payment of the remaining 50% notes under contract value.
– Signing a receipt and warranty card manufacturing for customers.


With a team of painters are trained baits along with experienced craftsmen in craft paint. Đông  Á confident will provide our customers the best home painting service. We are lovers of beauty, perfection, therefore the products that we design and construction are implemented meticulously and most delicate. We always try to improve and bring to their customers the best service, the most different, the most beautiful, most durable and most satisfied.
We have and are continuing to research and effort to perfect his painting services better home, more and meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers!

Please call us for the best service!

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