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Interior design for buildings Pipe

Particularities of the pipe is deep, narrow width so architects often find prominence, creating accents in the interior design to open up space for the throne nha.Va interesting to show off their desire then the landlord to choose the construction company and a professional interior designer, with experience, to be able to give your family the most amazing space

The entire area should be arranged as floor 1 living room and kitchen, leaving out a small corner of the front yard, backyard or landscape between, depending on the requirements of the owner, in order to regulate indoor air, creating comfort for the user. Stairs interior is designed to be located at the front right of the home in order to save the maximum in service area for purposes other activities.


Construction of interior design luxury apartment royal city

Usually it is too difficult corner interior design or decorating the will of the employer. The general trend is slain Wall Statistics to take advantage of this corner, avoiding stagnation of dirt in the corners.


Note the large size objects in the room, typically the living room sofa, the furniture should look with a simple design and compact, creating a friendly atmosphere, cozy rooms. The color of furniture should not be too prominent in a small space, easy to cause instant eye sensation.

Thanks to the ingenious layout, you might make the room look larger than its true area. Priority tones of the narrow room is soothing color shades, elegant. The walls painted light green color with white combination will help the mood of the members of the family became more comfortable after a tiring working day. Kitchen and living room designed so interconnected, connected through the color space.


With house pipe length is too big, please split into separate spaces with different functions that use. Can form much space on the same plane. If that is too deep, but the width is not large, about 3-4m, should not be used for partition walls fortified wall. This will create the small box in a big box, and there is no air convection for the entire premises.

In this case, use the active partition, be it the hanging painting or even furniture, and may make great vision, to create indoor air circulation better.


Skylights designed as a solution for ventilation and light. Airflow can be allocated to the indoor space under the stairs and trunk roads. This area will be a highlight for the home, you may display miniatures, or simply that the ornament small but not small effects such as wall paintings, statues, ceramics, porcelain vase … to attract attention of each person

Prints can decorate the ceiling like a cloud in the sky, or more elaborate design with wooden blocks arrays sinking, floating on the ceiling or chandelier with a unique design, fancy. That is commensurate with the interior of the house in the form of simple, little details, not too many things superfluous, unbalanced and not in a mainstream style does.

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