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Repeat bookings water system

– Water is indispensable to people’s lives. The water supply planning requires highly technical, is always to make sure people have enough drinking water at all times.
– And the risk of dehydration from suppliers still have water for people to use, at least for one day dd


This time to fix ejector supplier status issue, one should use additional reserve water tank in the basement or on the roof.
– The applicable standards such as:
+ TCVN 4513-1988: Water supply inside – Design standard.
+ Standard TCXD 3989-1985: System design documentation to build water supply and sewerage – external network – construction drawings.
+ 33-2006 Standard TCXDVN Water supply – pipeline network construction and design -Standard. eg:
– Tell a security guard: 200 l / person-day.
– For a service personnel: 50 l / person-day.
– For an office worker: 30 l / person-day.
– For a supermarket cafe visitors: 7 l / person.
– For a dining: 25 l / person.
– For a guest supermarket: 5 l / person.
– Water used for yard line, green: 1,5 l / m².
+ Count clock select countries (1):
– Refer to Table 6 – ISO 4513: 1988.
– During the day it chose Q = 404 blocks / day = 17 blocks / hour.
– Select the water meter horizontal axis wind turbines 80 meter size (from 45-500 Block / day).

+ Calculation of roof water tank (4):
– The need to use water in an hour: Qh = 404/24 = 17 m³ / h.
=> Air capacity water tank roof: WBC = 0,3x Qngay / night = 0.3 x 404 = 121.2 m³.
=> Select the roof for domestic water tank is 120 m³ (divided into 2 pools, each pool of 60 m³). Also on the roof there are more fire water tank is installed separately from the roof water tanks, we will discuss later in the article cistern for fire protection.

+ Calculation of water pumps (3): Flow Qb, Column Pressure Pipe diameter
Calculate the main pump pumping water from underground water tank to tank roof:
=> According to the above calculation parameters we choose: Qb = 60 m³ / h
=> Diameter nozzle: Flow 60 m³ / h, the speed of 2 m / s. Select 2 nozzle diameters DN100.
=> Push the pipe diameter: Flow 60 m³ / h, the speed of 3 m / s. Select the diameter of pipes to DN100.
– Choose the pumping capacity, more pressure column at: Computational Water Pump – Plumbing
– Usually choose 3 pumps (2 pumps and a backup), receiving signals from the roof and water shortages affecting signal basement pump, which closes contactor circuit supplying power to operate pumps. When the water reaches the level set value available, then interrupt the electrical signal to the contactor coil and stop pumping.

+ Calculate the average pump AP that ap- increase household use (5), (6), (7):
i. Do household use (7): placed near the roof, close to the water tank pressure unsatisfactory design at least 1.5 bar pressure equivalent to 15 meters high. That is down from the roof peak 15 meters (3 floors), the designers have added pressure pump and surge tank to the booster pump.
j. Turbochargers (5): maintain pressure averaged 2 rooftop bar near most household uses. => Select column pressure pump 35 meters. flow according to the number of households selected in the 15-meter water use per floor from the roof water tanks put down the roof. Select 2 pumps (1 run, 1 reserve).
– Booster Pump with inverter controllers installed water pressure by pressure sensor for analog signals, always maintain the pressure at the output of 1.5 -> 2 bar.

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